HTMLisEasy HTML tutorial download

Ideally you'd want to go through this material online. The online material is always the freshest, plus I make a few bucks from the advertisements. This download is for you folks that find it best to work offline and have the lessons on your hard drive... no internet required. If that's you, here you go...

Download HTMLisEasy   (self-install)
Download HTMLisEasy   (zip file)

This HTMLisEasy download contains four main tutorials...

 � So, you want to make a Web Page! (Basic HTML tutorial)
 � Table Tutor (HTML tables)
 � Form Tutor (HTML forms)
 � Frames Tutor (HTML frames)

It also contains a recent version of ColorPicker, The Barebones HTML Guide, HTML 4.0 Reference, a bunch of practice exercises and a handful of other good stuff.

Have fun!