Contains four main HTML tutorials...

 - So, you want to make a Web Page!
 - Table Tutor
 - Form Tutor
 - Frames Tutor

It also contains a recent version of ColorPicker, The Barebones HTML Guide, HTML 4.0 Reference, a bunch of practice exercises and a handful of other good stuff.

Go through it and you WILL learn html. These lessons have taught html to a LOT of folks over the years and they will teach you too.

HTMLisEasy is FREEWARE. Nothing to buy, nothing to rent, nothing to lease and you won't have to pay off any politicians. Enjoy.

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My copies of assorted software

MapThis - There was a time when MapThis was the king of the image mappers. This is a copy of the program way back when it was freeware.

GIF Construction Set - An old non-expiring shareware version of the most well known animated GIF creator around. Very simple and easy to use.

SimpTerm - A wonderful freeware Telnet client.