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Exercise 5:

Choose one of the following animals...

...and write a brief page on it. Include a couple headings, modest description, hunt down a couple pictures and include a few links to other relevant web sites. Find a nice background image and alter the text and link colors a little if you wish. At the bottom of the page include an email image link to back to yourself... find one of those cheesy little folding envelope animations or whip something up yourself. Place all the images in a sub-directory named "images". Re-create this sub-directory at your server, upload everything and test to make sure all is working as expected.

I know I take a little liberty with you when I suggest "finding" this or "hunting down" that. Understand that part of your web authoring experience will include tapping into the enormous free resources available on the Internet. Learning how to look around for things will greatly add to your ability. While most of what you will find is public domain or completely free for the taking, some artwork comes with conditions for re-use, and a few folks would rather you not use their stuff at all. As part of your training, I want you to get a little experience tracking down a particular something that you need... like a nice background image or an image of a Dodo Bird. One source of leads is the Web Resources section. There you will find links to many types of resources on the Internet.

Exercise 6:

Choose one of your last exercises and validate it. Use the HTML 4.01 Transitional doctype. If there are any errors, correct them so that your document validates.

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