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Exercises:   Frames Tutor

Frames are a double edged sword. You can add them to a site and make it easier to navigate, or you can add them to a site and make it almost impossible to navigate. Keep in mind that while you might know your way around your site, your visitors may not. Poor use of frames can confuse people. Confused people give up and go bye-bye. Use frames wisely, sparingly and only as a last resort.

Exercise 1:

Using the different girl pages from the lessons, make a framed page laid out like this...

frame layout 1

Lisa will be the page that first loads in the right frame. Terri and Kim also load in the right frame. Yahoo and Microsoft open into the full browser window.

Exercise 2:

Re-work that last framed page so that the links are across the bottom in a horizontal frame, add a horizontal adframe at the top, and get rid of the frame borders...

frame layout 2

The three girls load in the middle frame. The ad link and the links to Yahoo and Microsoft load into the whole browser window.

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