This collection started as a set of eight 16 color icons for use with image files. It has since grown to eleven image file icons, a whole slew of text file icons, a series of Zip Disk icons and a handful of other assorted icons.

The idea behind them is simple (although a little primitive). I have a smaller monitor that I run at 640 x 480 x 256 colors. Although my system is capable of higher resolutions and color depth, I prefer to run it "in low gear". In my Windows95 Explorer I "List" the contents which renders all icons at 16x16. Under these circumstances, beautifully drawn (and very popular) 32x32 or 256 color icons end up looking like bits of snot stuck to the monitor.

For example, here are 6 icons. The first pair are 32x32x256 colors, the second pair are 32x32x16 colors, and the last pair are also 32x32x16 colors.

Here they are rendered at 32x32x256 colors. Aren't they nice?


Here they are on a system running 256 colors (like me)...


And here's how they look in "List" or "Details" mode in Explorer and in my Start Menu...


See how the nice icons start looking a little funky? To solve this "problem", I started making icons that look good at 16x16 using only 16 colors. The result was little icons that looked like icons. If your setup is like my setup, you may like them too.

(I know that it's possible for one icon file to contain more than one image but this method is simple and it serves my purposes.)