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Form Tutor - Mailto Test

Enter your email address and click the button. A simple mailto form will be generated below using your email address. You can then send it to yourself to see if it works and what it looks like. (Your email address is not sent anywhere.)


What are mailto forms? Mailto forms are the same as regular forms, except instead of the ACTION sending the data to a CGI script...

<form action="" method="post">

It instead trys to send the data directly to an email address via mailto...

<form action="mailto:[email protected]" method="post">

This test is ONLY to see how mailto forms behave on YOUR system. Just because it may work on YOUR system DOES NOT mean it will work on someone else's. Matter of fact, there's a pretty good chance it WON'T work for a large percentage of your visitors. And... you'll never even know. For some, the only thing that happens when a mailto form is submitted is a blank email message popping up.

DO NOT use mailto forms except for testing! And even then, you'd probably be better off testing with your CGI script anyway.

There... I got it out of my system. I feel better now.

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