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 Frames Tutor - Templates 

Click on a template, then view source* to see how it was done.

Template 1        Template 2        Template 3
Template 4        Template 5        Template 6
Template 7        Template 8        Template 9
Or... download a zip file containing ALL templates so you can mess around with them.

Alter the frame dimensions as needed. Be sure to test your creation through a range of screen resolutions. If you don't, you run the risk of things looking pretty messed up to a lot of people.

*View source: Most (if not all) browsers allow you to view the source of any HTML document. It's a menu item, usually something like View/Source. Do this and the innards of any web page is there for you to inspect. In addition, most browsers also allow you to view the source of individual frames. Just right-click in a frame and look for something like "View Source". Once you learn this little trick, you'll never again have to say... "I saw [insert neat effect here] on a page and I wondered how they did that."

Frames Tutor
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