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- - INI Test v1.3 - -

What is INI Test?
It is a simple example of reading from and writing to a Windows INI file using the C programming language. You get the program, and more importantly, the C source code.

What is it's purpose?
It's just a learning thing. If you are a new Windows/C programmer, it might help you understand how this is done.

What does it look like?

INI Test screen capture

Why did you do it?
Because I was a little foggy on how to do it myself. I figured I'd make a nice example for my own reference. After I made it I thought I'd share it with the world.

Why C? Isn't Visual Basic easier?
I don't want no steenkin helpful wizard insulating me from the "complexity" of Windows. It may be a little harder to learn, but I'm hoping that in the end it will make me a better programmer.

So, where can I get this thing?
Right here --> (13 Kb)

Version History:

1.3 Added capacity to read/write integer values too. Made the "get ini file name & path" routine a self-contained function.

1.2 Re-wrote to make the code much more useable and RE-useable. (version 1.2 is here for anyone who's interested)

1.1 Problem! The program couldn't find the ini file if a shortcut to the program didn't "Start in" the same folder as the program itself. Seems the GetFullPathName function returns the path of the "Start in" directory rather than the application directory. Such is the life of a hack I suppose.
Corrected the misspelt "Retrive Entries" in the dialog box.
Fiddled with the layout a little.
(version 1.1 is here for anyone who's interested)

1.0 Initial release (version 1.0 is here for anyone who's interested)

Although the downloads above contain the full source, here are links to the source code for the search engine spiders. Just in case some budding coder like me is looking for information on GetPrivateProfileString or something... initest.c, initest.rc, initest.h.