JavaScript Authoring Guide

What is this Authoring Guide?

This is the JavaScript documentation that came with the release of Netscape Navigator 3.0.

Is this the latest bleeding-edge documentation that will tell me how to make my web page stand on it's ear and bark like a dog?

Latest bleeding edge? Almost. Bark like a dog? Maybe. The documentation here is a slightly older version (Javascript 1.1 as implemented in Netscape 3.0). I strongly recommend this documentation because one, it's simpler and vastly easier for the novice to use, and two, it documents mostly basic javascript that is easily digestible to any modern browser. I use it myself all the time as a quick and simple reference.

How do I use it?

You'll find that the Reference section in the frame to the left contains links to listings of Objects, Methods, Properties, Event Handlers and Statements. You'll find these sections to be most useful.

Are there any other good JavaScript references or documentation?

Sure. Have a look here.