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Welcome to The Vault! The official GateKeeper testing site!

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This is the proving gound for those that babble about how all javascript password scripts are just so easy to crack. Here is the lock, see if you can pick it. If you can figure out the password then enter it below. If you are successful and get to the secret page, email me from the other side and tell me how you did it.

You may be wondering... how many times has The Vault been cracked? Well, since the first GateKeeper script was written quite a few years ago, the number of times someone has gotten past it here is precisely ZERO.

In the past, I've gotten a few emails asking "Is this it?", "Is that it?". To that I say... if you have to ask, you haven't found it. I've also had a surprizing number of people absolutely insist that there is no secret document because they couldn't find it with their "special tools". Special tools being some half-baked site ripper bundled with Front Page or something. I have to chuckle. The secret page is indeed there and your special tools ain't half what you think they are.

And by the way, I'm using GateKeeper 2 here (dressed up in a few table tags). GateKeeper 1 & 2 work in much the same way, the main difference being that with GateKeeper 2, I can configure a page to be served when a bad password is entered instead of the user just getting a "File Not Found" message.

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