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Notetab Pro Notetab... THE best text editor in the whole wide world.

That's not hype... I mean it one hundred and twenty per cent. (do you see me talking like this about anything else?) And I'm not the only one... NoteTab has won more awards, year after year than just about any other piece of software.

I use Notetab Pro every day. I'm using it to type these words right here. I use it for such a wide array of tasks, if you saw what I have it doing on a daily basis, your jaw would drop. I'm not kidding. The thing that makes Notab special is the clip book. It's WAY more than just a little keeper of text snippets... it's a whole programming language in itself. And before you get all worried that it's too complicated, I can assure you it's no harder to learn than HTML.

Over the years I must have written a thousand NoteTab clips to do all sorts of things. Here are a few generic clips I've written that you might find useful.

Opening and manipulating text files is just the beginning. You can run other programs from it. Move, create and manipulate files... create documents dynamically based on various input. I know... it may sound like more than what you need. But believe you me, if you work with any type of textual files, you will soon wonder how you got along without it. I can say hands down that my Notetab is THE most used, and THE most depended upon application on my computer... and that's not an exageration. Absolutely worth your while to devote a little time to learning how to use Notetab's clipbook.

All right.... I've been as emphatic as I possibly can. Try it... buy it... steal it if you have to. Ok, well, don't steal it... but definitely try it.

There are three versions. I recommend NoteTab Pro...

There are a few other differences, but to me, those are the big ones.

Functionally, NoteTab Standard does most everything the Pro version does. But, if you're going to own it, you might as well go that extra ten bucks and own the Pro version. After you get used to having those few extra features, you'll be glad you did.

And there's NoteTab Light... the free version. The free version does most of what the other versions do... but there are a few limitations. No disk search and replace*, no print preview, and no spell checker. But that said, it's STILL a powerhouse of an editor. Certainly still worth having... and it won't cost you a dime... ever.

The blue links in the chart below will take you to the NoteTab product pages if you'd like more detailed info. And if you decide to order, by using the "BUY NOW" buttons below, I'll get a small commission from the sale.

Notetab Pro
(I use this version)

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(free to try)
NoteTab Standard
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(free to try)
NoteTab Light
(very powerful, but with a few minor limitations)

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(free forever)