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Click here to remove all high scores.        Tina's Tables v1.0 2001 Joe Barta

This is a neat "flash card" program more or less. It will time you through a series of 12 arithmetic problems using the numbers 0-10. The object is to get on the high score list, and in the process, get REALLY good at your arithmetic tables.

Choose Mode (add, subtract, multiply or divide). Press the Start button. A problem will appear in the left box, type your answer in the right box and hit Enter (the Enter key on your keyboard). It is easiest if you use the numeric keypad on the right side of your keyboard. You may skip a problem by hitting the Skip button. You may stop the program by hitting the Stop button. Everything else is either self-explanatory, or you'll figure it out quickly enough.
This program works best and fully on current versions of Internet Explorer (tested on v5+). It requires that javascript be enabled (otherwise it will do nothing) and works best if your browser cookies are enabled. If they are enabled, the program will remember the high scores from session to session, and you'll be able to initial those high scores like a video game.

This program is written in HTML and Javascript so it can be run from the web: or downloaded as a HTMLHelp file for use offline.

Who is Tina?
Tina is the person for whom I wrote the first BASIC version of this program for many many moons ago on an old Commodore 128. It was a program to help her with multiplication tables, and since her name was Tina, it got named Tina's Tables.