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HTML 4.0 Reference

Also available: HTML 4.0 Reference in Japanese

HTML 4.0 became a W3C Recommendation in December of 1997. The new HTML standard provides a number of significant improvements over previous versions of the language while emphasizing the concepts of accessibility and structural markup.


What's New in HTML�4.0
A summary of the new features in HTML�4.0 and a look at the key concepts behind the new standard.
Structure of an HTML�4.0 Document
An explanation of elements, tags, and attributes, and how they are used in an HTML�4.0 document.
Organizational List of HTML�4.0 Elements
All HTML�4.0 elements organized by their function.
Alphabetical List of HTML�4.0 Elements
All HTML�4.0 elements listed alphabetically.
HTML 4.0 Entities
All character entity references in HTML�4.0 along with their numeric character references and rendering in your browser.
Offline Versions
Downloadable versions of this reference suitable for offline use.